ADL Army


What We Will Do When We Take Power

The ADL Army is a decentralized network with members from all over the globe and, as such, the following manifesto has been written to be applicable to any White country. If you would like to critique or add to the manifesto, voice your thoughts in our general chat room.

The manifesto is constantly evolving so the parts that have recently been added or amended are highlighted like this.


Fractional-reserve banking allows banks to loan out more money than they have in their vaults - and charge interest on those loans. This means they can profit from giving out money that doesn't even exist! Banks are allowed to loan around 10x more money than they have. Hence, if everyone withdrew just 10% of their cash from the banks, there would be no more physical cash to withdraw the remaining 90%.
We will end fractional-reserve banking.

Fiat currencies today are mostly digital and sometimes made of paper or plastic; therefore, money can be created on a whim by the central banks at very little cost to them. Each time money is created from nothing, the entire cash supply is devalued - this disproportionately affects the working class who do not have assets that aren't affected by inflation, such as property. The only way to ensure money can't be manufactured for less than its worth is to make physical cash contain small amounts of gold. Savings in gold holds its value over time.
The national currency will be backed by gold.

Some lenders blindly rob debtors of as much money as they can; annual percentage rates are in the 1000s; contracts are intentionally made to not be read; and hidden fees are abundant.
APR will be capped at 100%. Hidden fees and overly-complicated contracts will be null.

Crime and Punishment

Corporations are companies that can be legally prosecuted. For this reason, the directors and employees of these corporations get away with murder (literally!). When a crime is committed, people must be held responsible and punished. Pfizer paid a $2.3B fine for promoting its drugs for unapproved uses - the people responsible should be the ones who pay for these things through prison time.
No more corporations. Men will be held responsible for their actions.

Keeping people in prison for the rest of their life is a waste of resources, and poses a risk if they were to ever escape. Heinous crimes such as murdering an innocent person, rape, treason, paedophilia and child abusers/groomers will results in death by public hanging (after guilt admission or failure to prove innocence). We will make examples out of these monsters.
We will reinstate capital punishment.

Laws that result in fines are laws that only affect the poor. Fines will only be used for compensating victims, not for lining the state's pockets.
All crimes will be served in prison time.

Prisons are currently a waste of resources. We believe they should be profitable for society instead of a drain. Prisoners should be subjected to manual labor throughout their sentence so they stop being a burden on society. This could include farm work to produce food for themselves and school children; textile work to produce school uniforms; and even construction to build affordable homes.
Prisons will become labor camps.

White countries will not be taken advantage of any longer. Foreigners who come to our countries may only stay for as long as their visas allow and, if they commit a crime, they forfeit their visas and must leave immediately.
Illegal aliens and foreigners who commit crimes will be deported.


The law nowadays is so intricate that it takes years of study to be able to adequately use it in court. The average American commits three felonies a day. We will simplify the law, remove victimless crimes and legal jargon, and merge it all into one book that any layman can read and understand.
The law will be made short, fair and simple to understand.

Intellectual property rights, copyright, and patents all hold society back. If someone invents something, they should not have a monopoly on that item; it should be reproduced by anyone with the means to do so. This means inventions will constantly be improved upon. If someone wishes to keep their creations a secret, they may do so, but they may not prosecute their competitors. Thus, pirated movies, unlicensed software, and modified products are all fair game.
No more intellectial property laws.

It's not uncommon to see an innocent man imprisoned after a woman falsely accuses him of rape. Of course, once the truth prevails, the woman gets away unpunished. Actions have consequences, or at least they will under our rule.
Falsely accusing someone of a crime will result in the accuser being prosecuted for said crime as well as any punishment dealt to the accused.

We will gradually lower taxes and government spending until the only taxes left are tariffs (taxes on imports and exports), which will incentivize domestic trade over international trade. Imports should be taxed higher than exports because exports at least give our nation control over other nations. We will first cut funds spent on foreign aid (in 2020, the UK spent £14.5B of its peoples money on foreign aid); intelligence agencies such as the ATF and FBI (massacred civilians at Waco and Ruby Ridge), NSA (runs surveillance programs), and CIA (guilty of experimenting on humans illegally in Operation MK-Ultra); we will end any bailouts; and we will end social security for those who are able to work. The first tax cuts will be for the working class.
The only taxes will be tariffs.

Sometimes a criminal act is justified. For instance, Gary Plauche shot his sons abuser in the head, killing him instantly. We view Gary's deed as a public service, and so did the judge as Gary was allowed to walk free. We propose that every jury decides, not only if the defendant committed the crime, but also if the crime was justified.
Crimes will go unpunished if the jury feels it was justified.

Mackenzie Scott is one of the wealthiest women in the world. How did she get so rich? Divorce. She took 25% of Jeff Bezos' Amazon stake as part of the divorce settlement. So many men today lose almost everything they built after their spouses get a no-fault divorce.
Men will not have to give their ex-wives anything after a no-fault divorce.


Life isn't fair. It's possible to take perfect care of your body and still end up paralysed after a tragic accident. For this reason, we will introduce tax-funded healthcare for those who get seriously sick or injured at no fault of their own. However, anyone who makes themselves sick through their own neglect (e.g. obese person gets type 2 diabetes, smoker gets lung cancer, driver crashes without wearing a seat belt, etc.) will have to pay for their own healthcare.
Tax-funded healthcare for blameless ailments.

Too many people receive state benefits when they are perfectly capable of working. We will introduce a strict assessment of whether someone is entitled to a free paycheck each month. Those elligible may include injured war veterans and anyone with serious ailments such as chronic pain, cerebral palsy, severe autism, etc.
State benefits only for those who can't work.


Pure capitalism can be ruthless, which is why we will introduce a couple of safety nets as outlined in the socialism section. However, the free market as of now isn't very free at all with all the hoops companies must jump through just to get their product on the market - we want to change that. If a company is lying about their product, or if it's dangerous, then obviously they should be shut down. However, we want the barrier of entry to be very low to encourage competition. In most US states, you need a license just to cut hair! Police have been known to shut down lemonade stands run by children! It's ridiculous. Moreover, a freer market will drive down prices because companies could quickly spring up and undercut the competition. This will solve problems like unaffordable healthcare in the US where uninsured patients pay $500 for a bandaid.
The market will be free for those who don't harm their customers.

The free market always outperforms the state because the state has no competition. For this reason, it makes no sense to force people to pay for inefficient services run by the state. We will work to privatize as many services as possible so that people only have to pay for what they use. For instance, trash collection, healthcare, and the fire department should be handled by private companies. This will massively help to reduce taxes.
State-run services will be privatized to cut taxes.


We will have to ban certain things which are too harmful for our people: circumcision is genital mutilation of children which causes trauma; pornography turns men from courageous lions into docile sheep, and the average age a child is exposed to pornography is 11 years; modern video games are casinos for children; and (anti)social media causes children to commit suicide.
No circumcision. No porn. No gambling in video games. No social media for children.

Paedophilia is being normalized more and more each day. This will not be tolerated. The age of consent shall be 16 years. Any adult having sex with someone under the age of consent will be hanged.
The age of consent is 16. Anyone wanting to lower this goes to prison.

There are and always have been two sexes. Gender does not exist. We will not tolerate the grooming of children by sodomites.
Anyone promoting faggotry or transvestism will face capital punishment.

It's important for a country to have a strong military presence when communism is on the rise. We must display strength and courage to the rest of the world so that our enemies reconsider subverting our people. Our men must be combat trained and capable of securing the existence of our people and a future for White children.
Young men must complete 2 years of military training.

Historically, Europeans have been known to build incredibly beautiful structures since the days of ancient Greece. It is a shame that we have lost our way and now find ourselves building brutalist concrete blocks and soulless glass towers. We will reclaim the streets by prioritizing pedestrians over vehicles in our urban planning. And we will require that buildings be beautiful and encourage the incorporation of greenery before granting permission to build in our towns and cities. Lastly, we will no longer require planning permission for those wishing to build small structures on their own land so long as the structure doesn't negatively impact surrounding land.
We will make our cities beautiful and walkable again.

The government's primary job should be to protect its people, however very few governments actually fulfill this role. Over the last century, companies have added thousands of unnatural chemicals to commerical goods, which inevitably find their way into our bodies. In that same time, we have seen a sudden rise in infertility as well as nosediving levels of testosterone in men. Bisphenol A (BPA) is one such chemical we come into contact with daily. BPA can be found on paper receipts, toiletries, plastic packaging, and many other everyday items. Unfortunately, BPA has been proven to mimic estrogen when inside the body which is disastrous for maintaining healthy hormone levels, so why is it still allowed to be so widely used?
We vow to ban harmful chemicals such as BPA from being used in consumer goods.

Lobbying is a major problem in developed countries where the corruption is more covert. It is obvious to anyone that lobbying is no different to bribery. Corporations lobby to maintain their monopolies and the result of lobbying can influence elections, therefore legal bribery has no place in a democratic society.
Lobbying will be made illegal and there will be severe punishment for anyone even attempting to bribe a politican.

Pitbulls have proven themselves to be a problematic pet. Despite making up less than 6% of all dogs in the US, about 75% of the people killed by dogs are killed by pitbulls. Pitbulls have killed hundreds of children over the years and kill tens of thousands of pets and farm animals each year.
Pitbulls will have to be muzzled when in public or around members of another household.

No society can call itself civilized whilst sustaining itself on the suffering of animals. In the US, 99% of farm animals are factory farmed. Animals living in such conditions know nothing but suffering their whole lives. They hardly have enough space to turn around, they're mutilated without anesthetic, and they're forced to grow three times faster than they naturally would – all to increase the profits of heartless monsters. Whilst we want to maintain domestic food production levels, we can't allow this suffering to continue.
We will gradually impose restrictions on factory farming, giving farms time to improve the quality of life for their livestock, and ensuring food production doesn't come to a halt.


It is clear that when countries import the third world, they become it. First generation non-White immigrants and asylum seekers will be given six months to go back to their home countries. Unfortunately some second generation or later non-White migrants no longer fit well into their ancestral homelands. For this reason, they will be allowed stay but they will also be offered financial incentive to leave.
We will reach a 95% native White population.

Foreigners are welcome for vacations and business trips with visas that will be valid for up to three months. Permanent citizenship will be available to Whites only to minimize miscegenation and there will be a high standard required of migrants. Immigration will be halted if the native population falls below 95%.
Visitors require visas and migrants must be White.


After 2020, the whole world saw how little freedom it actually had. People were being fined for walking on the beach; they were forced to close their businesses; and they even had to forfeit their bodily autonomy if they wanted to keep their jobs. We will write a new constitution that ensures our people retain the right to bear arms, speak freely, assemble, travel, and so on. We will make it clear that no future laws can take away our constitutional rights so that our people are never enslaved by a tyrant again.
We will recreate the constitution and uphold it as the highest law in all the land.